About Us

Learn about us and our goal

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Who’s PrestoCash?

PrestoCash is a Canadian Instant loan provider that specializes in NON-credit check loans. We offer alternative credit to payday loans. 

Our wonderful team is dedicated to accommodate your needs and help you out to get the best out of PrestoCash

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Our Goal

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To Lend a Hand

We’re here to help you out of the tight spot that you’re currently in. We’ve been in this industry for a very long time to understand the situation that you’re in. Nonetheless, our system is built to lend a hand to those in need of a loan.

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To Give The Best Service

We know how hard and emotional it can be when it comes to needing a loan. That’s why we aim to give you the best service out there and to remove the headaches during the process of money lending.

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To Be The Fastest

At PrestoCash, we aim at giving you the best service to accommodate your immediate needs as fast as possible. We’re able to achieve our money lending speed thanks to our awesome team and the strong technology that we have in place!

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