Online Personal Loans In Canada

Online personal loans in Canada are easy to get

PrestoCash makes it easy for anyone that is in a tight financial situation to apply for an online personal loan in Canada. The process is so simple and fast that you can get an e-transfer loan directly deposited into your bank account the same day you apply.

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Canada’s most recommended Personal Loan Provider

We’ve worked hard to build a solid reputation as a personal loan lender. Not only did we work on building a loan application process that is super easy to use, but we’ve also trained the best team that helps customers get the funds that they need as urgently as possible.

We gave ourselves a good year to understand our customers’ needs by simply putting ourselves in their shoes. Why did we decide to do that? Well the answer is simple. In order for us to give the best possible personal loan option and experience for someone who’s in need of it right away, we needed to live the experience of applying for an online personal loan in Canada ourselves.

We discovered that some lenders are difficult to deal with. This made it very frustrating to try and get a personal loan. But that experience helped us find a better solution for individuals who are looking to get out of a tough situation with a personal loan that they can get online.

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How can I apply for an online personal loan in Canada?

You can easily apply for an online personal loan in Canada and just a few easy steps.

Our online loan application process is fast and simple. Here’s what you need to do:


  • Click apply for an online loan
  • Go through our form (2min to fill out)
  • Get pre-approved for a loan
  • Go through the Instant Banking Verification

This whole process takes about 5 easy minutes to complete. When you apply during our operating hours, you will be able to receive your funds through an e-transfer. It’s that simple and easy!

Person applying for a personal loan online in Canada

What are the benefits of getting an online personal loan in Canada?

There are many benefits of getting an online personal loan in Canada. Let’s have a look at how you can benefit from a personal loan.

Very easy to manage

A personal loan is very easy to handle due to the fact that once you receive your personal loan, you only have to go through a single fixed monthly rate when repaying the loan. This makes it easy for anyone who’s dealing with a financial situation that they need to take care of instantly.

Increase your borrowing limits with a personal loan

What’s great about getting a personal loan with us is that we increase your borrowing capacity based on your loan repayment history. What that means is that once we give you your first personal loan, we verify how your payments are respected. Once we see that all your payments are well paid and on time then proceed to give you the opportunity to increase your loan amount. The reason why you can benefit from this is that once you increase your personal loan amount, the interest rate decreases.

No need to put anything as collateral

This simply means that you don’t have to hold anything against you for you to get approved for a personal loan. We simply put trust in our customers. So you don’t need to give us your car, house or dog to get a loan!

We understand that you want to get a loan to handle important situations. That’s why we don’t want to hold anything against you.

You simply apply with ease and we’ll deposit the funds directly into your bank account.