No Credit Check Loan

Get a loan without a credit check

No credit check loans exist and it’s very simple for you to get one. PrestoCash offers loans without credit checks by simply verifying the information you give through a simple and quick form that you can fill out in under 5 minutes. Once that form is completed and sent, you’ll be instantly pre-approved for a loan without even verifying your credit history. A manager will go through your application and send you the non-credit check loan the same day during operational hours.

Person being approved for a no credit check loan

How can you get a loan without a credit check?

We’ve been working on simplifying the process for anyone to get a loan without a credit check simply because we understand that we’re sometimes faced with unexpected expenses during financial struggles. When the bank says no for a loan due to a tough credit reputation, it’s hard to know where to look to get a loan without a credit check.

We simply decided that we would be the ones accepting the ones refused by the banks and give the ones in need of a chance to push through tough financial times.

So instead of relying on a customer’s credit history, we only go through simple criterias for anyone to get approved for a loan without any credit verification.

Here are the criterias:

  • Be more than 18 years old
  • Have a monthly income of about $1800
  • Have the same stable source of income for a minimum of 3 months
  • Be Canadian and have a Canadian bank account
  • Less than 3 non-sufficient funds payments or stop payments in the last 3 months.

We have a dedicated page that explains in detail on how to get an instant loan with us.

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Why should you get a no credit check loan

Getting a loan without Equifax

A loan without credit verification goes unnoticed by credit reporting agencies such as Equifax. Usually, when you apply for any type of loan, especially with a bank, they will go through a credit check verifying your credit history through credit reporting agencies. This can hurt your credit reputation just by simply verifying your credit score.

This is one of the reasons why we decided to lend money without verifying your credit history.

Higher loan approval chances

Another reason why you should get a loan without credit verification is that your chances of getting approved are higher since the credit verification process for a loan is not something we include in our loan application process.

Faster loans with no credit check

The fact that we don’t verify your credit history when you apply for a loan with us increases the speed of our approval process which then increases the speed of receiving your funds directly into your bank account. It’s really amazing how the process of credit verification takes time. You’d be surprised how long it takes for banks to assess your credit score and come back with a “no” when applying for a loan.

Peace of mind from credit checks

There are many reasons why someone would want a loan without any credit verification. Some situations are more serious than others and at that moment you need to find a solution to get you out of that stressful moment. That’s when a loan without a credit check comes in handy. It’s so fast that you’d get your funds directly deposited into your bank account before you even have time to stress.

Person applying for a no credit check loan

Will a no credit check loan hurt my credit score?

Getting a loan with bad credit is hard simply because some lenders use that to justify that the customer is not fit to receive a loan because of the high risk of the customer not re-paying them. With us, you won’t need to worry about getting refused because of a bad credit reputation. We understand that no one simply decides to have bad credit. We tailored our lending policies to lend money without verifying our customer’s credit scores.

Getting a loan with us is easy and simple even if you have issues with your credit history. We do not discriminate.

How can PrestoCash give a no credit check loan?

It’s not that complicated. We decided that getting a personal loan without a credit check has to be an option available to everyone in a tight situation. How else can someone in a tough financial situation get through unexpected challenging situations? Applying for a loan without credit verification is the easiest way to get through these tough times. That’s why we decided to offer that solution without any questions asked.

How fast will I get my loan without credit verification?

You can get your loan without credit verification instantly the same day during operational hours. We don’t call ourselves PrestoCash for no reason. We have an amazing dedicated team that goes through your application form the moment you apply for a loan. We also have developers ready to fix any issues that you encounter along the way. It doesn’t stop there since we even have a department dedicated to answering your questions if ever you’re uncertain about a certain topic.

You might be looking for some help during a tough financial situation when the bank refuses you to get a loan. That’s when we come in and help you out during these difficult times.

Person relaxing since getting approved for a no credit check loan

So what are the benefits of a loan without credit verification?

Here’s a quick summary of why our loan application process without credit verification is beneficial for you:

  • Faster loan approval
  • Peace of mind from hurting your credit score
  • Increase loan approval chances
  • Getting a loan without going through Equifax

Learn more about how to be eligible for a quick e-transfer loan!

Increase the speed of the application process by signing and sending your ID before 4 PM eastern time on weekdays only.